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    " Mr. Laity arrived on time for the appointment to look at the job.  He looked carefully at the entire job and related site. He explained fully what they would do, how they would do it and what materials he would use. There was no pressure at any time. He prepared the estimate on site and had all appropriate State mandated contracts and approvals. He and his crew showed up on time and worked carefully around the house.They were dressed properly for the job and were well mannered. We have a very steep roof and a bunch of shrubbery to deal with. They wasted no time and worked all the time they were on site. When they were done I was asked to look things over and given an opportunity to ask them to go over anything I did not find to my liking. It was all done properly so I had no issues with their work. My roof and deck looked like new and there was no damage to house,yard or left over trash around the house.
     We live in a wooded area and get tons of shade so some roof areas and the deck get a lot of mold as the trees around us have grown taller, this was not an easy job.
     Several neighbors thought I had a new roof put on after Shingle Roof Cleaning LLC left the site. Several neighbors contacted him to do jobs or are considering using him. I recommend him unconditionally in all areas. In fact he is coming in the spring to wash the front porch area."

-Philip, Reading PA

Hello, Kenny -
I wanted to confirm our complete satisfaction with the shingle and rain gutter cleaning work you performed at our home last month.
We appreciate the care, efficiency and professionalism that you and your crew demonstrated.
 Thank you,


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the roof.  It really looks great.


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