Roof Cleaning

All you need to know to have a clean roof.

Black Stains on your roof are Gloeocapsa Magma. This is the scientific name given to the algae eating your roof. The algae feed on limestone filler put in shingles for weight. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the black streaks. You will probably notice that these stains are mainly on your north and west facing roof lines.

The Stains are Black because the organism Gloeocapsa produces a dark-pigmented sheath to protect itself from ultra-violet rays. As the algae on your roof shingles die off, the dead cells accumulate and cause the black streaks, sometimes mistakenly referred to as "roof mold."  These stains take months, or even years, to appear.

Algae are eating your roof and over time the ceramic granules protecting the surface of the shingle begin to loosen and wash off.  This diminishes the roof’s ability to reflect heat rays which can overheat a roof increasing air conditioning bills and shortening shingle life.  Algae on roof shingles also encourage other damaging biological growth, such as lichens and roof moss. 

Moss and Lichens are damaging your roof.  Roof moss and lichens anchor into the top layer of the shingles and remove granules.  Moss and lichens grow up into the slots of the shingles and along the edges causing them to lift and make the roof more prone to wind damage and leaks.  Acting like sponges, moss and lichens keep roofs damp causing even more growth. 

Cleaning with Bleach is temporary and the stains often come "roaring back."  Chlorine must be handled with care and the surrounding area must be completely covered up; otherwise, it can kill the grass, shrubs, and flowers around the house.  Chlorine runoff from the roof can void a home’s termite warranty due to the interaction with the protective chemicals in the ground.

Other cleaning products are available online. However, our experience has shown that users are often disappointed with the results. The application of these products for cleaning roof shingles can be awkward and unsafe for anyone not used to working on pitched, wet surfaces. In addition, special tools are required to rinse these roof cleaners away without damaging the roof. Shingle Roof Cleaning LLC does the job right and uses the most reliable, safe roof cleaning solutions and specialized roof cleaning tools.

Cleaning roof shingles with pressure washing dislodges the protective granules from the surface of the shingles and scars the shingles. It does not solve the root cause of the stains – algae growing and feeding on the limestone filler in the shingle.

Our Pricing is based on these factors: (1) number of stories, (2) roof pitch and angles, (3) amount of staining, (4) if moss or lichens are present, (5) amount of roof to be cleaned, (6) driving distance to the job. Call us for an estimate or email us a picture of your roof (see Contact Us page).

Our Cleaners are Biodegradable and safe for grass, shrubs, pets and people.  They contain no acids, solvents, chlorine, phosphates, peroxides or other harsh chemicals.

Our Cleaning Agents produce great results that will last at least a couple years. After that the roof could begin to stain again because the same algae-producing conditions still exist - airborne algae spores, moisture on certain slopes of the roof, and the limestone shingle filler. We offer a 3 year warranty against re-staining.  After that, we can begin our roof stain prevention treatment to avoid re-staining.

Spot Cleaning is ineffective.  The minor stains or streaks on the roof indicate the roof has lost its ability to fight off the algae, and the stains will spread as summer humidity increases.

We Can Also Clean your gutters, siding, brick, stucco, walk ways, gazebos, fences, driveways, outdoor furniture, swing sets, patios, decks and fences and more.
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